What Is Collaborative Divorce? Simplifying The Divorce Process

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Cost Effective Solutions to Help Your Family

At the Law Offices of Shauna M. Albright, we are passionate about providing divorce resolutions that are on the cutting edge of family law. With a unique insight into the law, we know when your case is better settled collaboratively.

This approach can help you:

  • Avoid additional stress
  • Save time and money
  • Reach a mutual resolution
  • Minimize the time spent in court
  • Focuses on you and your family

Our Riverside divorce lawyers use their training in mediation strategies to find creative solutions that never lose sight of your best interests. Our team has 85+ years of combined legal experience serving Riverside, Corona, San Bernardino, Rancho Cucamonga, Hemet, Murrieta, and the surrounding cities.

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What Is Collaborative Divorce?

Where traditional divorce techniques can involve expensive litigation, fighting, and lengthy battles, a collaborative process re-focuses the proceedings on you and your family. This means you have more control over the agreement you reach because you work together to agree on important issues.

By taking these central matters out of a judge’s hand, you can decide on what is best for your family. By avoiding fights, you can move on with your life quicker, a fact that is vital to you and your children.

Putting You in Charge

Collaborative divorce allows you to be in charge of your future, even at a time when it may feel as if your family or your life is falling apart. With the help of our Riverside collaborative divorce attorney, you will be able to control your case and resolve your issues on your own terms, without the stress of unnecessary fighting.

At the Law Offices of Shauna M. Albright, we are enthusiastic about the pursuit of creative family law solutions for all of our clients. We have the knowledge and professional skill to guide you through the collaborative process to help you move on from your divorce case.

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