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How is Property Divided in Riverside?

In rare occasions, when parties are at an impasse, the judge may order them to attend mediation to settle their property/debts disputes. During these mediations, the divorce attorneys are allowed to be present and assist the mediator in negotiating with the parties.

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Property division is one of the most highly contested matters of many divorce cases. California is a community property state. This means that all property that is acquired before marriage is that party's separate property. Property that is obtained during marriage and before separation is considered community property. Gifts and inheritance, however, are excluded from the classification of community property.

Within a divorce action, there are three basic steps that will be considered when property is being divided by the court:

  • Characterization – Determined whether property is community or separate property
  • Valuation – Property will be given a value by agreement or appraisal
  • Division – Court will confirm separate property and evenly divide community property

Information on Property Settlement

It is presumed that property and debt acquired during marriage is community property. This is rebuttable and can be overcome with a show of evidence that the property is separate and not marital. Our knowledgeable divorce attorneys serve couples in Riverside with dedicated and personalized representation through complex cases, such as property division. We can work toward a favorable resolution to protect your rights.

Common Questions and Answers Regarding Property Division

I think that my spouse is hiding property. What can I do?
There are many investigative tools called "discovery" designed to help you get information/documentation from the other party or even third parties to ensure that nothing is being hidden.

I used some of my inheritance to pay household bills – can I be reimbursed?
It often depends on how long ago this occurred and whether you actually intended to be reimbursed. As this can be very complex to sort out, it is best to consult with an attorney.

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