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Parent alienation is a term used to describe a situation in which one parent is being alienated from their children. This can be done purposefully or subconsciously by one parent against the other. The effects of parental alienation on children are detrimental to their mental well being and relationship with both parents. In some instances, the alienation may be grounds for a change in custody.

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Alienation in Child Custody Disputes

Animosity and antagonism are two characteristics that describe parental alienation. All parties involved in a case of parental alienation are exposed to a harsh circumstance that can result in negative results. Children are often trapped in the midst of a parental dispute and are enlisted as an ally against one parent by the other. The purpose is to alienate the child from one parent.

The impaired relationship with the alienated parent can cause lifelong difficulty for all involved. For that reason, you should take immediate action to resolve the circumstance involved. Our firm can get involved at once to help you through the situation.

Behavior patterns that are commonly related to parental alienation syndrome include:

  • Making degrading remarks about you in front of children
  • Belittling you in front of your children
  • Lying about you
  • Providing false allegations of abuse about you
  • Accusing you of being the responsible party for the divorce

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