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My name is Shauna M. Albright. I have been practicing Family Law for thirteen years now and would like to believe that I have seen it all. I have appeared in court hundreds of times on custody and visitations issues alone. It is my mission to provide a premiere law office wherein I offer my clients big firm expertise in a small firm environment. My staff and I strive to provide the best services by remaining updated on statutes and case law and having resources available similar to the larger law firms. Similarly, we are compassionate in our pursuit of cases and offer personalized one-on-one attention that clients expect from smaller offices. My staff and I are all local to the Inland Empire and have lived here for years. We have strong ties to the local communities and thoroughly enjoy serving our neighbors. To find out more about myself and my staff please visit the ‘Attorney Profiles’ section of the website.

In an effort to provide more information to the general public, I have decided to put more effort and focus into this blog. It is hopeful that you find it informative and useful. If you have a question that you would like to have answered, please feel free to email it to Samantha@albrightfamilylaw.com.

Additionally, please note that comments on this blog are public and accessible to everyone. If you have a comment or question that you would like to remain private, please send an email to the email address above. Also, rude, derogative, or abusive comments will not be tolerated.

Any interaction between you and the Law Office of Shauna M. Albright on this blog does not constitute legal advice for the purpose of attorney-client privilege.

As always, I endeavor to provide...

Big Firm Expertise. Small Firm Attention.

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