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  • I cannot speak more highly of this team!
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    “I cannot speak more highly of this team. Attorney Brandy Tristao stepped in at the tail end of an already long and drawn out divorce. Due to COVID my prior counsel had to step away from my case, leaving a trial date looming and limited groundwork completed. The case was complex, due to very novel financial circumstances, and with very limited leverage to try and force a settlement. Brandy was always honest with the possible outcomes, the strengths and weaknesses of our positions, and prepared me for trial in a way that made me feel comfortable and ready. The trial lasted several days and she used her time wisely, creating a clear record and giving the court what they needed to carefully weigh the facts. The staff was equally as commendable. I sent along years worth of case documents and within a short window the team built a winning case. Having lived with my case for so long I thought I knew every aspect of our arguments, but Brandy was able to take a fresh look and create a more focused picture at trial. From what I'm told most divorces don't go all the way to a full trial; as it was the unfortunate case mine did, I am glad I had Ms. Tristao as Counsel. She prevailed in the most difficult financial aspects of the case and won a fair judgement, allowing me to start my life on more solid ground than I've had in five years.”

    Faythe G

  • Great communication by the staff!
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    “Amazing Attorney ( Sierra Denny)! Helped dismiss a restraining got me Sole legal and physical custody! Plus child support! Great communication by the staff as well. I would highly recommend hiring this firm.”

    Maria Rocha

  • I heartily recommend this firm!
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    “Brandy Tristao has been my attorney during my divorce this past year. She always listened and provided sound advice. I cannot express how much trust and confidence I have in her. I will provide one example: I am elderly and have health issues. Without my knowledge, my ex-wife terminated my health insurance. I didn’t find out until I tried to refill a prescription and was told my insurance had lapsed. When I called my retirement board they said I couldn’t be reinstated for six months. To make a long story short, after.I told Brandy about it, I had my insurance back a week later, thus saving me a lot of money and maybe my life. I am very happy and pleased that I chose Ms Albright’s office and Ms Tristao to represent me in my divorce. I heartily recommend this firm!”

    Frank Acedo

  • The staff there is so informative and helpful !
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    “The best!! Finding an attorney isn't always easy, especially if you're already in a pickle. With The Law Offices of Shauna M. Albright, you don't have to worry about a thing from start to finish. The staff there is so informative and helpful they really make you feel at ease. It's never a fun thing dealing with the court system. They were able to help me with everything, getting me the best results possible. Especially when dealing with an opposing party who is unwilling to settle.”

    Jessica C.

  • She is absolutely amazing!
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    “I was paired up with Brandy T and she is absolutely amazing. Her professionalism, promptness and overall perspective on everything is just incredible. I am so happy with my outcome and she gave me so much hope. The staff is amazing as well. All of them kept me in the loop and were very responsive when I had questions or concerns about anything. Thank you so so much for everything!”

    Heather B.

  • They're worth every penny!
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    “Ms. Albright, Ms. Tristao and the paralegal team were wonderful and really helped make the procedure as pain free as possible. They listened to all my concerns. All steps were thoroughly communicated with me and I felt very supported. They were able to navigate my unusual case through all the ever changing timelines/rules due to COVID in the courts which would've been otherwise impossible for me to do. My outcome was favorable and I am very thankful for them. They're worth every penny!”

    Georgia B.

  • I can't say enough good things!
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    “I can't say enough good things about having Brandy represent me in my divorce. She was always available when I had questions and kept me updated throughout the process. I would highly recommend Shauna Albright's office and especially Brandy.”

    Dave K.

  • Very professional and timeliness
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    ““Very professional and timeliness. Great staff! Very responsive and attentive whenever I had any questions or concerns. I was represented by Brandy Tristao for my Family Court case, for a modification in custody of my two minor children. My case involved CPS and Police investigations from the beginning until the very end. I contacted the Law Office of Shauna M. Albright in November of 2020, my case was closed on February of 2021. Ms. Tristao filled for an ex parte, now both of my children are back home with sole custody. I could not be any happier! I appreciate all the help of Ms. Tristao and of the entire Law firm for all the support and great services. Thank you very much! I highly recommend the Law office of Shauna M Albright as well as Brandy Tristao for any Family Law matters. I am very happy and satisfied with the services, personnel and outcome of my case. Thank you once again Brandy!””

    Karen P.

  • I would recommend them to my family and friends.
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    “I really love the team at Shauna M. Albright. I was fighting for custody for my kids and they let me know that it would be an uphill battle. The odds were kind of stack against but with their help I beat the odds and received custody of my kids. I dealt with Brandy Tristao for my case and she did a phenomenal job. She answered all of my concerns and questions in a timely matter and was very professional. I would recommend them to my family and friends.”

    Courtney B.

  • Simply the best!
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    “Excellent experience - My Attorney Brandy Tristao was always realistic about all possible outcomes - I felt very prepared. If you need family law representation do not hesitate to contact this law firm. Simply the best!!!”

    Sharon P.

  • She was professional, knowledgeable & did an excellent job.
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    “I'm very happy with my experience with this law firm. Although, my attorney was changed at the beginning of my divorce, with no explanation, I'm pleased with my overall result. Divorces & custody disputes are already stressful, difficult situations to navigate, but my attorney (Brandy T.) did an excellent job of keeping me informed, step by step. She was professional, knowledgeable & did an excellent job of defending me in court. As a result, I won my custody dispute. If you can afford legal representation, I would definitely recommend the Law Office of Shauna M. Albright.”

    Gena W.

  • Thank you so much for what you did for me.
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    “I want to take time to thank my attorney. We started off as strangers and got familiar quickly. I am very pleased to have my attorney represent me. She was very helpful and kept me informed on all the phases regarding my case. I had no rights for my child and she was able to grant me rights and sleepovers along with joint legal custody. Thank you so much for what you did for me. I am pleased with what she did. I do recommend her.”

    Juan S.

  • I would recommend Brandy and this law office.
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    “From the Law Offices of Shauna M. Albright, my family and I personally dealt with Brandy Tristao. We had hired Ms .Tristao in the past for a few different occasions and had been very satisfied with her services. She moved to the Law Offices of Shauna M Albright after these experiences When she moved, we followed her. The service that we have received from Brandy has always been the same outstanding service. The service that we received from the Law Offices of Shauna M. Albright has far surpassed Brandy's previous law office and another local office we used without Brandy. Realizing that we had a previous relationship with Brandy, her new office was very accommodating and welcoming to us. I would recommend Brandy and this law office to anyone seeking counsel.”

    Tracy P.

  • I would highly recommend Brandy at this firm to anyone.
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    “I normally don't do this but I had to say something about this firm. I'm very pleased with the quality of work, communication, responsiveness and how comfortable they make you feel. Brandy Tristao was very sharp she wouldn't let my ex wife's Attorney just get her way at the end, I ended up very pleased with the results. I would highly recommend Brandy at this firm to anyone that's going through a divorce, especially men. Her staff called to see if their was anything else I needed from them.”

    Earnest S.

  • Shauna and her team if you are looking for a great family law attorney she is the only one to call.
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    “Thank you so much Shauna & staff for helping me through a very difficult situation. When I first called the office her staff was friendly and professional they helped me feel like someone actually cared and wanted to help they always called back if I called with questions. I cannot say enough good things about Shauna and her team if you are looking for a great family law attorney she is the only one to call.”

    Jessie E.

  • You are a true CHAMPION!!
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    “I can't say enough about this fabulous woman Shauna Albright and her phenomenal Firm.  As a single mother of three daughters having to go through a traumatic Divorce and Breast Cancer all at the same time, Shauna not only has given me confidence in the Court room, but she cares deeply for me and my daughters and has our best interest at heart!  I didn't know where to turn after being dragged into court by my ex-husband on a regular basis after my Divorce-was final in 2015, but fortunately I met  this wonderful and beautiful woman named Shauna!  Shauna not only is a top notch Attorney, but she has educated me in a manner in such a way that the Judge  has been very impressed and thought I was an Attorney.  For two years... I continue to win my cases with the sound instruction, advice, and integrity of Shaun's firm.  I no longer walk into court with anxiety fearing the worse.  Shauna truly stands on Honesty and Integrity with a heart of Gold for families.  I am forever Grateful and Appreciative for everything Shaun's firm has done for me and my girls.  I can't even imagine trusting my life and case with anyone else!  Thank Shauna from the bottom of my heart!! You are a true CHAMPION!!”

    Terri B.

  • Mrs. Albright really went to bat for me in court.
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    “I couldn't be more happy about finding Mrs. Albright's law firm back in 2018. I was a complete nervous wreck trying to handle child custody issues alone. This was my first time getting a lawyer to represent me in court and the peace of mind that it gave me was unmatched and worth every penny. The entire team was very helpful and explained everything every step of the way and answered my numerous questions. Mrs. Albright really went to bat for me in court. She was well prepared, knew the law and when it was her time to speak she laid out the entire back story really putting emphasis on the inconsistency my children's father has in regards to involvement in their life, which gave the judge a very vivid picture of what we were defending. Mrs. Albright carries herself very professionally and shows genuine concern about your situation as if it's her own, which means a lot because my children mean everything to me. Overall Mrs. Albright won my case for me and my children's fathers request was denied and his orders were left the same and I know it wouldn't have been possible without their help. I even had an issue with the court making an error in my paperwork, causing my child's father to get visitation time he wasn't ordered in court. I contact Mrs. Albright's office immediately and has the issue solved in less than a couple days (it happened over a weekend) and they kept me in the loop the entire time. I recommend them to every person I run across dealing with family law issues because they have been a complete blessing to me and my family. It gives me peace knowing that if any issues arise with my children's father and I have to go back to court I have a solid team to represent me that actually cares about me and my family's needs. Thank you ladies for everything.”


  • Professional and Caring Lawyer
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    “Shauna is an honest, professional and caring attorney. She has integrity. Shauna helped me through a difficult dissolution of marriage. She did everything she said she would in a timely fashion. Her staff is great about responding to inquiries and answering questions. I would recommend her to friends and family.”

    N. Hall

  • Best Child Custody Lawyer
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    “After wasting money on my previous lawyer I came across Shauna through AVVO and was grateful that I did. I had a child custody case that got me so nervous and confused because of the whole legality and I had no idea what rights I had. Upon taking to Shauna, I was immediately put at ease because I knew she understood me right from the start. She was more than what I paid my previous lawyer but I definitely got what I paid for with that one. Shauna is worth every penny as she is compassionate, knowledgable and considerate throughout the process.”


  • Shauna Albright is the best family lawyer out there.
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    “I hired Mrs. Shauna Albright a few months ago to handle my child support and custody case. I was unsure about hiring a lawyer. My friends had bad experiences but I knew I needed one. What I liked about Mrs. Albright was that she was easy going but knew her stuff. My ex was trying to get more money and say that she made less money. Mrs. Albright was able to prove that my ex was hiding income from her business. I WON MY CASE! I didn't have to pay more child support. Also, she made it possible for me to get additional time with my two kids. I didn't think the system was going to be fair to me but it was and I owe it to Mrs. Albright for her being there for me. She's a great attorney and knows how to argue in court.”


  • An excellent family law attorney
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    “I had a very difficult family law case, and felt totally lost until I met Shauna. She didn't just represent me; she guided me through the process and made sure the best interests of my children were upheld. Her preparation, understanding of the law and courtroom presentation were superb. I am a single father and because of that, faced an uphill battle. Shauna helped me get custody of the children, doing so in a way that protected their interests. I give her my highest recommendation.”

    Family Law Client

  • Outstanding
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    “Mrs. Albright is a very knowledgeable divorce attorney. She treated me as if i was the only client she was working with. She took time to explain my case to me, and was always available when i had any questions. Mrs. Albright always made sure i was aware of both the positive and negative aspects of my divorce, and explained all of my rights to me in detail. I would describe Mrs. Albright as a very organized, knowledgeable,dependable, caring attorney. I would refer Albright and assoc. to any of my friends and family, or anyone that I know who needs representation.”


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    “I live in Texas and trusted her with every detail of my divorce. It was impossible to take care of business living in Texas 1,700 miles away, so I had to hire someone to take care of my needs and protect me and I feel she did just that. ”


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    “After wasting money on my previous lawyer I came across Shauna through AVVO and was grateful that I did. I had a child custody case that got me so nervous and confused because of the whole legality and I had no idea what rights I had. Upon taking to Shauna, I was immediately put at ease because I knew she understood me right from the start. She was more than what I paid my previous lawyer but I definitely got what I paid for with that one. Shauna is worth every penny as she is compassionate, knowledgable and considerate throughout the process. ”


  • A Lawyer with compassion and dedication, devoted to justice
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    “Going into my lawsuit, I knew it would be very time consuming and a tough journey. My case was extremely complicated seeing how the mother of my late husband deceived me and obtained custody of my son in Texas, who was 4 at the time. She soon after skipped town and I found her 2 years later in California. After a failed attempt in 2006 in my hometown court to regain custody of my son while I had him on a summer visitation, the grandmother returned with him to California where orders were put into place there. I was given supervised visitations of him just because I tried to do the right thing and hired a rookie attorney from out of town, and the grandmother retained the County's previous District Attorney, whom had served Hood County for over 15 years. He had seniority and favor in the judges eyes so I was never given a fair shot at any chance of regaining my son. Many years passed trying to get my life together and mediate with the grandmother some type of compromise and trying to work with her to give my son back. Finally I was able to obtain legal counsel in March 2013 once my son was able to communicate his wishes to come home and was of legal age to make a choice in court. I had created a profile on Avvo.com and other sites and had spoken to over a dozen attorneys, most of which were unwilling to accept the case or were very distant and uncaring. I received a call one afternoon from a woman that I will always refer to as "God Sent". Gwen Terry, Mrs. Albright's secretary had called me out of the blue and we talked for awhile about my case and the overall situation. This was the moment I knew I had found the perfect person. Within days I had my telephone conference with Mrs. Albright, seeing how I live in Texas. Our 15 minutes went well over an hour. She showed genuine concern, compassion and interest in not just the case but my situation as well, she even cried when I cried. Since I lost my son in 2003 this was the very first time I had ever felt I had someone who cared and was willing to fight the injustice handed to us from the judicial system and "Hometown" Lawyers. She worked with me on the fees and understood my financial situation from being disabled. Over the next few weeks I know I sent probably over 1,000 pages of documents and info to her and her team and they worked tirelessly to get my case going. She obtained emergency orders to go to court and within a month of our first conversation I was in California in front of a judge. I Was filled with hope and confidence in Mrs. Albright and the work her team put into my case. That Monday it was continued, on Thursday of the same week I was back in court with her by my side and won my son back. He is now 14 years old, enrolled in school and doing great. Our case was settled out of court, however I am 100% confident that had it not been for the thorough knowledge of the law and the work put into my Declarations and Supplemental Proofs to show the judge, we would not have settled. I know the grandmother knew she had no chance and finally realized it after seeing all the work put into the case against her. During the process, Mrs. Albright was always available to answer questions and concerns, which I had many. She even called me back on Easter Sunday to give me advice, and one night stayed up past 11pm talking with me trying to reassure me and calm me. Her and Gwen both were angels. Gwen would call just to see how I was holding up and offer her kind words. For the months we worked together they became family to me. I hope to never have a need to use Mrs. Albright again but would recommend her highly to anyone. I never felt put off or uninformed for a moment, I could feel the genuine compassion and earnest drive to win at any cost for my son's sake. I am honored to have worked with her and her team. They honestly restored my faith in the system and there are very few lawyers I have ever spoken with that had heart like her. Compassion, Knowledge and Integrity!”


  • My child custody case
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    “I hired Ms. Albright to handle my child custody case. My ex wife was taking me back to court, making false accusations, and openly lied to the court and our children. Without going into to much detail, Ms. Albright was able to get me more custody time. Ms. Albright was well informed of my case, handled herself with confidence and was professional at all time. Her staff was always friendly, returned my calls promptly and was well aware of the matter at hand. I would highly recommend anyone in search of a family law attorney to contact Ms. Albright!”

    Family Law Client

  • Great Attorney!
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    “I hired Shauna Albright to represent me in my Child Custody/Divorce case. I could not have hired a better attorney. She has demonstrated herself to be highly professional and extremely knowledgable. Ms. Albright has been detailed oriented inl handling my case. As a legal professional, I was very satisfied with her ability to alleviate my concerns with the legal process. One of her best attributes was to exude a personal commitment. If you need a legal representative that will fight for your rights, I recommend Ms. Albright.”

    Child Custody Client