Associate Attorney Goushia G. Farook

Goushia G. Farook

Associate Attorney

Goushia Farook earned her Bachelor of Arts with honors in Political Science and Women's Studies from San Diego State University. She earned her Juris Doctorate from John F. Kennedy University School of Law.

Ms. Farook began her legal career in San Diego, California, where she operated a solo law practice focusing on the area of family law. Her firm also offered legal services in guardianship cases as well as limited civil litigation cases. She began her career at the Law Offices of Shauna M. Albright in June of 2015 as an Associate Attorney.

A Passion for the Law

Ms. Farook has a strong passion for family law and providing stellar, ethical representation to her clients. Ms. Farook brings a unique insight to her area of practice by having a keen sense and ability to recognize when collaborative divorce is a viable option for her clients.

It is incredibly important for Ms. Farook and the firm to be on the cutting edge of new and more cost-effective ways of allowing parties to reach a resolution in their dissolution. Ms. Farook utilizes her knowledge obtained through her mediation training to exercise collaborative divorce options for clients.

Collaborative divorce is a new approach to dissolution from the traditional path of costly litigation and a constant adversarial position. Collaborative divorce minimizes the cost of litigation by focusing the parties attention on the most central issues of their dissolution and how working together can allow the parties to reach a mutually agreed cohesive agreement.

It allows clients to recognize the importance of focusing on the restructuring of the family unit and the need to be the ones making important decisions about their own family unit. It is important for clients to understand that at a time when it feels as though their lives are falling apart, it is truly during this time they have the ability to control an outcome which is in the best interest of resolving their problems and what is in the best interest of their children.

  • Ms. Farook strives to always zealously and passionately advocate for her clients, whether in settlement negotiations or in Court. Ms. Farook prides herself on being highly ethical and well prepared for all her hearings, knowing all the facts of the case, and crafting legal arguments in favor of her client. She has established a rapport of being an attorney who will fight hard in advocating her clients' position.

Ms. Farook has enthusiastically taken on her role as Associate Attorney and becoming an active member of her new legal community of Riverside County. She has immersed herself in getting to know the local Court system and active members therein.

She recently joined the New Attorney Academy of Riverside County where she gains valuable insight into the local legal system and community as well as continuing education to stay atop of current legal cases and strategies. Ms. Farook's commitment to serving her community began early on in her career. Ms. Farook actively volunteered with the San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program Family Law Clinic and Guardianship Program at the commencement of her career. In 2015, she was the recipient of the State Bar of California Wiley W. Manuel Certificate.

Ms. Farook is highly energetic, enthusiastic, goal-oriented, and focused. She is fluent in Urdu and Hindi/Punjabi and is learning Spanish. Ms. Farook strives to build lasting relationships and providing the best legal representation to her clients as well as ensuring a stellar reputation for the firm.

In her off time, she enjoys reading, playing golf, football, hiking and spending time with her family. She is a proud Aunt and godmother.

Learn what clients are saying about Ms. Farook:

  • "Goushia Farook was the absolute best and only lawyer we could have had for our situation." -Victor
  • "If you need a lawyer who is willing to go the extra mile for you and your family, then Goushia Farook is the lawyer for you!" -Brian
  • "Very professional, first-rate, outstanding." -Darrell
  • " I would like to recommend Goushia Farook to everyone who might need a lawyer please contact her and use her services. I have had my share of dealings with lawyers and she was very easy to work with." -Anthony

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What Our Clients Are Saying

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  • “Outstanding”


  • “Goushia Farook was the absolute best and only lawyer we could have had for our situation.”


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  • “I have had my share of dealings with lawyers and she was very easy to work with.”


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  • “I truly believe Goushia always had my best interest at heart. I very highly recommend her.”